Our community

Connecting with the community to foster our community's well-being

At Hip Shing Hong, our commitment to embody goodness and to a people-oriented approach guides every facet of our operations. We are dedicated to crafting a blueprint for a better life, fostering happiness, and nurturing dreams within the community. Recognising the integral connection between the development and the well-being of our businesses, communities as well as the environment, we collaborate with customers, teams and the public to achieve sustainable growth.

Together, we strive to create diverse, inclusive and vibrant communities. This philosophy resonates not only in our property ventures but also in our longstanding philanthropic endeavours.

We believe we can achieve a better future with collective efforts.

Nurturing our environment

Hip Shing Hong is committed to the enduring success of our company through the simultaneous growth of society, community and the environment. We prioritise environmental responsibility by adhering to stringent standards in our development projects, and incorporating green elements in our internal operations, from procurement to talent development. This commitment aims to create a positive impact on both the public and the environment.

Hip Shing Hong commitment to create a positive impact on both the public and the environment.
Hip Shing Hong commitment to create a positive impact on both the public and the environment.

Caring for the community

Through ongoing community outreach, Hip Shing Hong actively supports those in need. Our commitment extends beyond creating living spaces to prioritising the physical and mental well-being of our community. We collaborate with like-minded stakeholders, sharing knowledge and resources to foster resilience and sustainability in our city.

Hip Shing Hong Community activities with NGO.

Corporate governance

Hip Shing Hong prioritises integrity in all interactions and upholds the highest standards of corporate governance, steering clear of socially unethical ventures. Our decision-making is based on objectivity and data-driven approaches, opting for ethical choices. We actively invest in socially and environmentally responsible businesses, contributing to our vision of achieving sustainable development and fostering a harmonious community.

Mr. Fong Man Hung David, the Managing Director of Hip Shing Hong
The Corporate identity of Hip Shing Hong

Family foundation

Aligned with the Fong’s family ethos of giving back to society, Hip Shing Hong actively support to the communities that have fuelled the Group’s growth through its two foundations. Annually, a portion of profits is dedicated to education, elderly and child care, medical support for the disabled and poverty and disaster relief. With contributions to over 600 charitable projects, the Group has positively impacted organisations in Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas.

Hip Shing Hong Community activities in Madera Yoga.
Hip Shing Hong Community Activities with NGO.
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