Hip Shing Hong Celebrates Diamond Jubilee with Rebrand and New Motto, "Growing Together" Launches Fresh Logo and Corporate Website to Mark Beginning of New Chapter


(8 January 2024, Hong Kong) Hip Shing Hong (Holdings) Company Limited (“Hip Shing Hong” or the “Group”) gets 2024 off to a great start with the unveiling of its new brand identity. As a Hong Kong enterprise that has grown closely with the city for 75 years, Hip Shing Hong believes that development is best achieved when stakeholders grow together to build a human-centric society of kindness.

A New Brand Logo and Corporate Website

Hip Shing Hong's new logo may be read as either a lowercase letter “h” or the Chinese character for “force”, which is also a building unit of the Chinese character “hip” as in “Hip Shing Hong”. The addition of an orange element on the new logo, which turns the lowercase grey “h” into its uppercase form, represents Hip Shing Hong’s goal of bringing together individual strengths to foster collective growth. In visual harmony with the orange accent, the calm and dominant grey reflects the Group’s authentic and trustworthy corporate image. Hip Shing Hong also launches its new corporate website (www.hshd.com.hk) today.

Original Logo                                                                                        New Look

HSH_Logo_Horizontal-1704702968.png                                             HSH-LO~2-1704702926.PNG                                                                

Growing Together for a Win-Win Future

David Fong, Managing Director of Hip Shing Hong (Holdings) Company Limited, shared, "I am very grateful to my late grandfather and father for laying a great foundation for Hip Shing Hong, enabling the Group to grow steadily since its establishment in 1948, evolving from a spice trader and furniture manufacturer into today’s energetic enterprise that keeps pace with the times. In the past 75 years, we have surmounted many challenges and helped countless families and businesses to realise their dreams.  To celebrate the Group's Diamond Jubilee, we decided to rejuvenate our brand and position the company with a new mission, vision and core values. We reaffirm our commitment to working and growing together with our stakeholders to build a win-win future.”

David Fong added that Hip Shing Hong will pursue its new corporate mission of “Going beyond the basics to create living and working spaces that people love”, with our four new brand values: Goal-oriented, Resilient, Objective and Wholehearted.

Delivering on the Brand Promise

Jonathan Fong, Deputy Managing Director of Hip Shing Hong (Holdings) Company Limited, explained, the Group is committed to the following six commitments:

  1. Partnering: Partnering with customers to take our businesses to the next level
  2. Closer communities: Developing high-quality projects that create shared value
  3. Wellness: Promoting healthy living in communities
  4. Growth mindset: Empowering employees with creativity
  5. Giving back: Giving part of the Group’s annual profits back to worthwhile causes
  6. Steady growth: Adhering to the highest ESG standards with dynamic growth

Caring for Society and Promoting Health

Over the years Hip Shing Hong has adhered to the principle of “giving back to society” under the Fong Shu Fook Tong Foundation and the Fong’s Family Foundation. The two foundations have supported about 600 local, mainland, and overseas charity projects. To kick start the Group's brand rejuvenation, Hip Shing Hong will donate HKD2 million to an international charity that shares our philosophy, supporting more than 30,000 people to obtain medical services.

Partnering with Customers to Scale New Heights

Hip Shing Hong has invested significant resources to accelerate its digital transformation to provide our stakeholders with a better experience while enhancing our efficiency. The Group hopes through its holistic digitalisation solutions, sustainable development will be achieved.

The Group will make every effort to fulfil its brand promise of “Growing Together,” to win the hearts of all as it embarks on the next chapter of its journey.


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