Hip Shing Hong Puts the Health of the Employees and Tenants First by Launching a Series of Measures to Combat COVID-19

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(Hong Kong, 28 April 2020)  Amid the continuous spread of the COVID-19, Hip Shing Hong (Holdings) Company Limited (“Hip Shing Hong”) has closely monitored the pandemic situation and launched a series of internal and external measures to fight against the virus, putting the safety and health of its employees and tenants as the top priority under this incredibly challenging period.

Hip Shing Hong cares about its people and regards the employees as its most valuable asset. Since the emergence of COVID-19, implementing preventive measures to safeguard the health of its employees and making special work arrangements have become the most compelling issues of the company internally.

Besides strengthening the anti-epidemic work in all offices, Hip Shing Hong also provided each of its employees with a hand sanitizer, two boxes of surgical masks together with an allowance of HK$500 for the purchase of additional masks. To reduce the risk of infection, a number of measures have been carried out promptly, such as flextime, work from home, shortened daily work hours, etc. For employees with young kids, they are entitled to get off from work two hours in advance to take care of their children at home stemming from school suspension.

Externally, Hip Shing Hong has been heavily involved in efforts to tackle COVID-19. In addition to proactively keeping constant communications with the tenants, Hip Shing Hong has also strengthened the cleaning and disinfection of its major commercial buildings, industrial buildings and residential properties in various ways in tandem with the raise of awareness for all the frontline staff on epidemic prevention, ensuring a healthy surroundings for the tenants.

In order to further enhance the hygiene of its properties, Hip Shing Hong has recently abandoned the use of the traditional alcohol-based disinfectants producing only short-term sanitizing effects. Instead, it has chosen the cutting-edge nano-photocatalyst technology developed by Raze Technology, a local material science company, which is effective in decomposing viruses and bacteria with a long-acting effect of up to 3 months, and has recently been widely adopted by local transportation, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. A medical grade sterilization was conducted for the common areas and facilities of Hip Shing Hong’s major properties, including Hip Shing Hong Centre, Office Plus, Genesis, etc., as well as the offices of its headquarters, and its employees were given a Raze self-sanitizing coating spray, in a bid to offer an extra protection that both the tenants and employees can count on under the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. David Fong, Managing Director of Hip Shing Hong (Holdings) Company Limited, said, “In the face of the overwhelming COVID-19 crisis, Hip Shing Hong has remained vigilant. While we strive to deliver excellent services, we have been working extremely hard to ensure the health and welfare of our employees and tenants. We believe we will win a resounding victory over COVID-19 if we continue to combat the virus with joint efforts.”

Photo captions:

Hip Shing Hong has launched a series of internal and external measures to fight against COVID-19 to protect the health of the employees and tenants.

To reduce the risk of infection, Hip Shing Hong provided employees with surgical masks, a hand sanitizer, Raze self-sanitizing coating spray, etc.

Hip Shing Hong adopted nano-photocatalyst technology to disinfect the offices of its headquarters, and the common areas and facilities of its major properties.

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About Hip Shing Hong (Holdings) Company Limited
Established in 1948, Hip Shing Hong (Holdings) Company Limited (Hip Shing Hong) has rejuvenated itself many times over to stay young, active and innovative.

Hip Shing Hong’s leadership and financial prudence have allowed it not only to have surfed the volatile real estate market, but also built a robust portfolio of real estate in response to the dynamic market trends, which includes hotels, office buildings, high-end homes and over 200 retail properties. Hip Shing Hong revitalizes its portfolio constantly with new technologies and young talents to stay competitive and relevant. It has successfully created reputable brands like Office Plus, The Collab, Madera Residences, Madera Hotel, Madera Cafe, Madera Yoga, Genesis, Gravity, Le Riviera and many others.

Hip Shing Hong strives to do well and do good. Since the early 1960’s, it has donated over 500 charitable projects large and small benefiting the underprivileged and people in crises.

Hip Shing Hong’s management excellence is reflected by its accolade collection. To mention a few, they include the “15 Years Plus Caring Company Logo” and “Meritorious Family-Friendly Employers and Special Mention (Gold)”. Other awards include the “Best Office Architecture Hong Kong” and “Highly Commended Office Development Hong Kong”. Hotel Madera Hong Kong, its hotel arm, captured the Silver Award in “Hotels and Recreational Clubs” sector at “Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence”. For details, please visit www.hshd.com.hk.

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