During the Lease Period


Please call the 24-hour management office for assistance. Staff on duty will provide on-the-spot investigation/assistance, or, if necessary, seek support from the Police, Fire Services and / or Ambulance.


During the warranty period, Hip Shing Hong will be responsible for the repair/maintenance/replacement of electrical appliances provided in the premises. After the warranty period, tenants will be responsible. Tenants are strongly advised to keep the appliances in good condition.


We will invite you for contract renewal five months before your current contract ends. Our marketing team will contact you directly regarding details.


Before the commencement of renovation work, you will need to submit your renovation plans to us and pay a vetting fee. Once your plan is approved, you can start. We will work with you and your contractors and provide professional advice and assistance if needed.

End of Lease

Deposit Refund

After you have returned the premises back to us and all outstanding issues are cleared, a refund cheque will be sent to you within 30 days.


Yes, tenants are required to reinstate the premises to a bare shell condition at the end of the lease period. In exceptional cases, we may accept tenants leaving fixtures intact, subject to the terms and conditions of their contract.

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