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October 2014

Hip Shing Hong (Holdings) Company Limited, Madera Residences and Hotel Madera Awarded CarbonCare® Label
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Hong Kong – 31 October, 2014 – Hip Shing Hong (Holdings) Company Limited (Hip Shing Hong) is proud to announce that Hip Shing Hong Centre, our headquarter, has been awarded the CarbonCare® Champion Label by Carbon Care Asia Limited for the third consecutive year. Madera Residences and Hotel Madera have also been awarded the CarbonCare® Champion Label and the CarbonCare® Label respectively two times in a row. This is a genuine recognition of our commitment and exceptional achievement in carbon emission reduction over the past years.

The CarbonCare® Label, launched in 2011 by Carbon Care Asia Limited, aims to encourage and recognize the efforts of companies and organizations in their action to tackle climate change and achieve carbon reduction / neutrality status by Measuring, Reducing and Offsetting (MRO) their carbon footprints. It incorporates the best international guidelines and practices in the areas of measuring and monitoring greenhouse gas emissions.

Hip Shing Hong has introduced multiple corporate sustainability projects to implement straight-forward green best practices in our offices, residences, retails, serviced apartments and hotel, with the goal to promote sustainable low-carbon lifestyle among our stakeholders. In 2013-2014, Hip Shing Hong and Madera Residences supported carbon offsetting projects including the “Yunnan Mangli Hydropower Project, China” and the “Wuhe Kaidi Biomass Power Project, China” to mitigate the impact of climate change. We are honoured to be the first property developers in Hong Kong to receive the CarbonCare® Champion Label since 2012.

Below are the presentations of the CarbonCare® Labels:

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As a responsible corporate citizen, Hip Shing Hong seeks to minimize the impact of our activities through active enforcement and established policies and management systems. We adopt green initiatives at all stages of our operations and are committed to promoting green living to staff and the community. For details, please visit

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