Hip Shing Hong Pledges to be a “Shark-free Company”

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Hong Kong – 27 September, 2013 – Hip Shing Hong is pleased to announce that, in the interests of conserving the world’s marine environments, and in line with our sustainability commitments, we have pledged to be a “shark-free company”.

Our shark-free policy means that, with effect from 27 September 2013, we will not promote or support the consumption of shark fin as part of our company functions/events or any other form of corporate entertainment. Shark fin soup will also be taken off the menu at any pre-arranged company event where it was originally intended to be served.

To demonstrate this commitment, Hip Shing Hong has joined the Hong Kong Shark Foundation’s “Shark-Free Companies” Programme.

Why be shark-free?
Demand for shark fin soup is the primary driver behind unsustainable shark fishing practices and, specifically, the highly wasteful practice of shark finning. In the past 50 years alone, there has been a sharp decline in shark populations, with some dwindling by up to 90% over this period. Sharks have played a critical role in our oceans for over 400 million years yet, today, approximately one-third of all shark species are listed as threatened, or near threatened, with extinction.

Hong Kong is the centre of the shark trade – it is a fact that roughly 50% of all of the world’s shark fin is traded through Hong Kong. For this reason, Hip Shing Hong believes that it is important for Hong Kong’s companies to set a positive example by pledging not to promote or support the consumption of shark fin. We believe that, if we make a stand here, we have the opportunity to make a positive impact on a global environmental problem.

“Hip Shing Hong is one of the few property developers signing Hong Kong Shark Foundation’s Shark-free company pledge and believes that this act of corporate social responsibility is necessary,” said David Fong, Managing Director of Hip Shing Hong. Given the mounting scientific evidence on the drastic decline of shark populations, Hip Shing Hong believes that it is right for us to take a definitive stand in conserving an ever-decreasing asset of the world. Preserving the world’s marine eco-system for the world’s future generations is the right thing to do.

Media Enquiries:
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Public Relations Manager
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