Design Competition for the Revitalization of Good Prospect Building Prize Presentation Ceremony 2010

1024 590 Hip Shing Hong (Holdings) Company Limited

The prize presentation ceremony of Design Competition for the Revitalization of Good Prospect Building organized by Hip Shing Hong Group of Companies (HSH) was spectacularly held yesterday to commend the outstanding achievements made by the participants.

HSH, in response to 2009-10 Policy Address on “Revitalization Scheme”, organized a design competition for the revitalization of its industrial building, Good Prospect Building, and invited full-time architectural students from local universities to join the competition in May 2010. The competition, the first of its kind in Hong Kong, aims to stimulate, reward and implement the student’s innovative thinking and ideas in revitalizing the building into a green, vibrant, exciting art and culture plus office building.

The competition was well-received and all submitted projects went through a vigorous screening process. A panel of judges was to evaluate the projects based on how green strategies, systems and technologies are integrated in an imaginative manner, resulting in a user-centric architecture that is functional and in sync with social and cultural demands of the context.

The award winner was Patricia Ng, a year one student in the Master of Architecture Program at the University of Hong Kong. Patricia was inspired by the exuberant and attractive streetscapes of the European towns which are composed by numerous front façade of individual houses and thus developed the theme of “street” into the building and proposed to divide the building surface into different modules. This strategy would successfully embrace the concept of revitalization, sustainability and green design, maximize the building’s use of space, as well as bring in a new concept of modern life.

“Green and sustainable design is an increasingly crucial reality for practitioners in the architecture, engineering, construction and property industry. The purpose of the competition is to raise awareness, particularly among the next generation, of the important role high quality urban design plays in creating not just beautiful buildings, but green and living environments” said Mr David Fong, Managing Director of HSH cum the jury’s chair. “It is delighted that the competition has quickly become the preeminent platform for green aspirations in the college. All winning projects are vibrant, unique and innovative. The proposals even demonstrate the feasibility of the revitalization plan and embrace the concept of green and social harmony.”

List of Awardees:

Champion:  Miss Patricia Ng
Master of Architecture (Year 1), the University of Hong Kong

1st Runner Up:  Miss Alice Wong
Bachelor of Social Science (Architectural Studies) (Year 3), the Chinese University of Hong Kong

2nd Runner Up: Mr John Ip
Master of Architecture (Year 1), the University of Hong Kong

3rd Runner Up: Mr Kelvin Tang
Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies (Year 3), the University of Hong Kong

A total amount of HK$16,000 cash prizes would be awarded to the winners.

HSH has fulfilled its corporate social responsibility and engaged in nurturing the youth for many years. The revitalization of Good Prospect Building is not just to increase its economic value, but also to benefit the community and promote a visionary architectural design trend for the upcoming revitalization developments.

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